LOOK: Netizens are moved by a video of a girl crying when OFW father is about to leave


It is known to many people that us Filipinos are really close to our families. In the Philippines, our families play a huge part in forming our characters and that we usually form a strong bond with our family members. Being family-oriented is probably one of the defining characteristics of Filipinos.

Our parents, even when we get older, are still very much involved in our lives. Since most Filipinos are really close to their families, we are also fond of family gatherings and reunions every once in a while.

Aside from family reunions, we also love family outings. The close ties of Filipino families are also seen in the primetime teleseryes and even big movies that we watch. Some of these movies include “Four Sisters and a Wedding,” “Caregiver,” “Anak,” and many other more.

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Combined with our innate closeness with our families and love for our family members, it is really hard for us to be away from them for long periods of time. Living away from your family because of school or work can really have an effect on us.

Recently, a video of an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) and his family has gone viral. In the video, it can be seen that the OFW was at the bus terminal. Here, the OFW, his wife, and their daughter were hugging but the child suddenly started crying.

The heartbreaking encounter had the child crying while she was hugging her father. The father of the girl kissed his daughter before boarding the bus. The mother of the child did her best to comfort her emotional child.

The viral video post also had a caption that touched the hearts of the netizens saying, “Tahan na anak, pangako babalik din si Papa.”

Given the current economic situation and the lack of opportunities in the country, it is not new that most Filipinos choose to go abroad and choose to work there. These fellow Filipinos leave their families in the Philippines just to give them a better life and future.

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Most of these OFWs do not want to leave their families but they have no other option but to work abroad to make a living. These mothers and fathers who leave their children are really sacrificing a lot.

Some of these OFWs have to be away for years and miss their children’s school activities and seeing them grow up but they have to stay strong for their families.

These OFWs also do not know what they would be facing once they go out there in a foreign country. At some point, even they are long-time OFWs already, the homesickness will set in.

The children that they left at home would sometimes not understand why their parents had to leave them and be away, but at some point in their lives, they will surely understand that what their parents are doing was for their own good.

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Buhay OFW

"TAHAN NA ANAK, PANGAKO BABALIK DIN SI PAPA"Ito ang isa sa pinakamahirap na parte ng pagiging ofw😭 yung tipong labag sa kalooban mo umalis subalit kailangan eh sapagkat dito nakasalalay ang kinabukasan ng ating mga mahal sa buhay. Gaano man kasakit at kahirap pilit nating kinakaya sapagkat tayo ay isang Pinoy at ganyan ang tunay na DUGONG PINOY!Credit to: Madhel Puerto

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