This Chinese businessman lost his business after his former girlfriend used him for his wealth

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Falling in love with someone sometimes means going the distance. Some spend so much effort, time, and money in order to show their affection to their partners. What some people might have forgotten is that in a relationship, you shouldn’t give your all. It’s better to be safe than sorry later on. Take for example this Chinese businessman who lost his business and his girlfriend after spending so much money on her.

Ice Lim, is a Chinese businessman who went seeking help from Raffy Tulfo regarding his former girlfriend. Ice’s girlfriend was identified as Monica Arianne River who is a Badminton player from De La Salle University in Taft.

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Ice narrated his story in Tulfo’s show and revealed that in a span of their 5-month relationship he had already given her luxurious and expensive items; Suzuki Ertiga and Kia Picanto cars, Rolex and Tudor watch, top of the line phones, iPhone X, Samsung S8 and Samsung S9, Pandora jewelry, Louis Vuitton, and a gold bracelet.

Aside from material things, Ice also revealed that he has given her money for her daily expenses. He even paid for her tuition fee and paid for her parent’s house renovation.

Furthermore, he explained that his courting took a year before she finally agreed to be official. However, Arianne gave him a set of ground rules that prohibited him to show his affection to her physically. Part of her rules was to keep their relationship a secret. After five months, Arianne broke-up with him telling him that she is suffering from a mental illness.

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Worst of it all is the fact that Arianne was selling some of the gifts she received from Ice to earn a quick buck.

In Ice’s complaint, he expressed how he wants to get all the stuff he gave her back, including all the money he’d spent. Unfortunately, Arianne refused and said that they were her remembrance of him.


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