Anne Curtis looks for Vice Ganda’s underwear on “It’s Showtime”


Celebrities are probably one of the most liberal people out there – especially if they are TV show hosts and comedians rolled into one. In order to deliver the best punch lines or to save face when something embarrassing happens, these celebrities must have incredibly thick skins and a good sense of humor to secure their jobs.

ABS-CBN’s “It’s Showtime” is a noon time show full of TV hosts who perfectly fit these roles; two of them being Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis.

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In a recent episode of the award – winning show, right before they start the “Tawag ng Tanghalan” segment, the show’s hosts Mariel Rodriguez – Padilla, Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis, and Amy Perez took the time to greet their co – host Jhong Hilario who was celebrating his birthday that day.

Hilario, who was playing the role of the show’s “Gongbassador,” thanked his friends and fans for the birthday greetings and well wishes before pointing out Vice Ganda’s latest outfit – or lack thereof.

“Vice, sobrang na – touch ako dahil talagang pinilit mon a umabot sa prod ko, kahit na nakalimutan mong mag – shorts para lang umabot ka,”Jhong joked with a laugh.

This immediately caught the attention of all the other hosts on stage. Perez went to Vice Ganda’s rescue and immediately said, “naka – shorts siya!”

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But before she can help herself, Curtis bent at her waist and held up Vice Ganda’s t – shirt to check for herself whether her co – host was indeed wearing pants.

Everyone in the studio laughed before Vice Ganda noticed what Curtis did and immediately pulled the t – shirt down and stared Curtis down.

Curtis immediately apologized and repeatedly said sorry to Vice Ganda to which Vice said, “casual na casual naman girl ha,” with a laugh.

“Kung maka – silip eh, kung maka – silip si Anne,” Rodriguez – Padilla joked with a laugh as well.

“Buti na lang walang naka – silip!” Hilario added.

Curtis could not contain her laughter and crouched down on the floor while Vice Ganda turned from the audience. The whole studio was still trying to catch their breath from Curtis’ stunt.

When Curtis finally recovered, she just greeted Hilario a “happy birthday” and tried to move on from what she did but Vice Ganda was not yet finished with her.

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“Kaya ko nga ginanyan t – shirt ko kasi hindi ako naka – ayos,” Vice Ganda explained while pulling down his t – shirt which ended up with another round of laughter from everyone at the studio.

Despite the admittedly embarrassing situation, Vice Ganda still managed to deliver some winning punch lines and even managed to joke at his own expense.

What would you think of Vice Ganda’s reaction in this situation? Would you do the same?


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