Thai father wears a pink dress to a school event for his son!


The family is the most basic unit of the society where children learn the different values that will help them build a solid foundation and their importance – such as learning how to love and to show that love despite all trials and obstacles.

To have both parents be present in the life of their children is the ideal situation but, in this day and age, it is not surprising anymore if only one of them is active in their children’s lives.

Although both are vital in the upbringing of their children, sometimes a single parent can play the role of both mother and father even better.

A child in Thailand had a school activity where only his mother can attend, but due to the fact that his mother passed away and left his father a widower with their two children, that is simply not possible.

The school activity took place to celebrate Thailand’s Mother’s day. On this day, schools all over the country invite their student’s mothers so that they can honor them by giving them flowers and showing their love and appreciation for them.

But despite this challenge, Chatchai Parn – uthai, the father of the child, tried to find a way to make up for the absence of the mother by filling in the role himself. He readily wore a lacey baby pink dress and he even had his haired styled down to match.

On a Facebook post, he shared his thoughts and feelings about literally filling in the role of his child’s mother. “I am a single father with two children. For my son, I can do anything.” he posted.

He also shared that he will do anything for his children just to make sure that they live a happy life not wanting for anything. “I don’t want my children to feel inferior and hope they can be happy.

I didn’t feel embarrassed for wearing women’s clothes. It’s because I love my children very much. As long as I can see them smile, everything is worth it.” he explained.

A video of Chatchai Parn – uthai with his child recently went viral and is currently making the rounds on various social media pages. In the video, it can be seen that he is very happy about being able to attend the event.

It can also be seen that his child is visibly happy about having his father with him there, confident and dressed to the nines just like his classmate’s mothers.

Many people were inspired by his unique act of parenting and lef their thoughts and comments on the viral post. “Proud of you… Going an extra mile for the love of your kids,” one netizen said. “God bless po, sanay ganyan lahat tatay gawing lahat para anak,” another netizen said.

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Posted by Kornpat Ae Sukhom on Thursday, August 9, 2018

Source: TNP

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