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Rags to riches: Man becomes rich after suffering terminal illness


Being successful means having to experience failure. Sometimes it takes an average person a hundred tries before they become successful. Success also involves perseverance and hard work. Some think that it also involves luck, but in reality, the only thing you need in order to be successful is to have a concrete goal. But for Ka Rey Herrera, his rags to riches story came in the most unexpected way at the most unexpected time.

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In an episode of “Rated K”, they featured a rags to riches story of a man who suffered a terminal illness that made him a millionaire.

Ka Rey Herrera was 46 years old when he found out that he had stage 4 Lymphoma. He grew up incapable of eating three times a day. He did all kinds of work in order to make a living. He became a farmer, a bus conductor, and a jeepney driver.

When he found out about his Lymphoma, Ka Rey, his doctor told him that he only had 3 months left to live. Because of financial issues, he had to accept his fate.

On a random day, he discovered a herbal medicine while watching goats eat grass. Miraculously, he survived 27 more years after being diagnosed.

Ka Rey took his discovery to people who suffered terminal illnesses and became a rich entrepreneur.

From making his herbal drink manually, he now owns factories producing bottles of his product.

He also owns farmlands where he plants his miraculous herbal discovery. Ka Rey was also able to buy different properties such as houses and cars for his entire family.

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Unlike most success stories, Ka Rey’s was caused by his will to live. His Lymphoma became his pathway to better health and a better life. But you can’t consider his success caused by luck because it was his decision and his perseverance to make something out of what he had. He had the passion to help others who suffered the same faith as he did. He is an inspiration to all.


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