Youtuber pretends to be a beggar with a big bike; performs a hilarious prank


Fooling people is not funny at all. However, there is one and only exception — pranks. Whether we admit or not, we’ve all had our share of good laughs from prank videos we have watched.

Just recently, local Youtuber Jaycee Garcia turned into a prankster and created a homeless motorcycle prank which immediately went viral. His hilarious prank video is entitled “HOMELESS WITH A BIG BIKE PRANK (taong grasa)”.

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From being the cool guy who wearing a clean white shirt underneath the leather jacket, he transformed himself to a homeless man who has dirty clothes on. In his Facebook post, his caption read:

“Anong gagawin mo pag nakakita ka ng taong grasa na may big bike? HAHAHAHA! Enjoy watching!”

In his prank, he convincingly acted like a roaming beggar to the crowd around him. Like a real homeless man, he asked for alms from different strangers passing by.

A woman was the one who first bought his act and she gave him a coin. Right after he got it, he left and rode on his luxurious bike. From her expression, it is obvious that the woman was left in utter confusion from what just happened.

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Many people who witnessed him riding the motorcycle were amused and laughing. Even a stranger did not stop himself from asking if he owns the motorbike. He answered the query jokingly.

“Sa’yo yan brad?”

“Hindi, napulot ko lang.”

To make things funnier, he even lied on the ground of a commercial establishment so many people would see. Later on, a security guard asked him to stand up and leave the area. The guard was really shocked after seeing him ride his bike afterwards.

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Jaycee’s epic prank ended in a hilarious note. He went to a gas station and asked for a free gas. The crew entertained him and even asked how much gas does he want. He replied “500” and this earned a roar of laughter from the crew. After this conversation, Jaycee finally revealed the prank and pointed out the hidden camera. He also said his apologies and showed gratitude for their time.

Jaycee Garcia is a new vlogger in the Filipino Youtube community. His first vlog was only posted 9 months ago. At the moment, he has garnered 1,074 subscribers.

Watch Full Video Here:


Anong gagawin mo pag nakakita ka ng taong grasa na may big bike? HAHAHAHA! Enjoy watching!You can also watch this on youtube and please do SUBSCRIBE for more entertaining videos. YAAAAAAH! thanks to Michelle So & Matt Ong for helping me out with this video.

Posted by Jaycee Garcia on Thursday, August 9, 2018

Source: Facebook

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