American singer claims Filipinos are not getting rich because of this reason


One of the Filipino traits many of us embrace is being family-oriented. Most Filipinos grow up with an extended family and probably lives with their grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle and cousins. This culture has been going on throughout generations and would certainly continue in the future.

Many people consider this as a good trait Filipinos should be proud of. However, American singer David DiMuzio said otherwise in a video he created titled “Why Filipinos don’t get rich?”. He debunks why Filipinos’ trait of being family-oriented is the one thing that keeps us from being successful in life.

The Youtube sensation admitted that his life was not really easy from the start. He used his experience towards success to back up his claim. According to him, he grew up in a poor family. On top of that, he also has five siblings and his mother really struggled in providing their needs.

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Now, it was all in the past after he become a millionaire from being a performer and the fruit of all the investments he made. Although he was able to help many relatives, he emphasized that they really do not give each other anything. In fact, his relatives paid back even the smallest loans he offered.

He witnessed the huge difference between his culture and the Filipino culture when he dated a Filipina nurse. The nurse he met told him how she has no savings and money and its all because she was supporting the financial needs of her family.

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David emphasized that the purpose of the video is to help Filipino families find their financial security. He believes that a son or daughter should not be obliged to provide the needs of their parents or siblings. As a piece of advice, he mentioned this adage:

“You should never give fish to a man instead, you should teach him how to fish.”

At the end of his video, he reiterated why Filipinos should give their relatives an opportunity to succeed by themselves instead of simply giving them money.


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Why FILIPINOS Don't Get RICHVideo by David DiMuzio

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