WATCH: Street vendor wows netizens with his unique talent

Social media has made it easier for us to connect and share updates with people all over the globe. From serious and important news updates to fun and light viral posts, it’s become easier for one thing to gain attention and views from people who actively use the internet and social media.

Especially after a long day of work, netizens like relieving their stressful lives with cute photos of dogs interacting with each other, funny videos of people doing weird stuff, and awe-inspiring stories from individuals that they share in the hopes of touching other people’s lives.

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But Filipinos is known for specializing in sharing funny and entertaining videos with their friends and family. Usually they’re just for laughs, but they also tag one another to show one-of-a-kind stuff that they deem amusing. People who are featured in viral posts often find themselves invited to various interviews, both written and verbal. For a short while, netizens would not be able to stop talking about them and their video.

That seems to be the case in the recent video that went viral in the Filipino online community. In the 2-minute video, a street vendor who sells fruit shakes in a small village showcased his unique talent. The short video garnered millions of views in just a short amount of time, proving that social media is a indeed powerful tool in getting everyone’s attention.

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The street vendor does this whole circus-esque act while he prepares the fruit shakes. Dancing passionately while starting the making of the shakes, he throws the flavoring as well as the milk and catches both perfectly using the blender. It’s important to note that he does this while dancing and twirling around energetically.

Next, the vendor retrieves shaved ice from the cooler, throws them in the air, twirls around, and catches it creatively while still maintaining the rhythm of the song. The people around him watched without blinking their eyes, afraid to miss even a fraction of a second of the act. The man really knows how to put on a show; he confidently moves around and gives a unique show for his customers.

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The comments on the video showed how amazed netizens were for the act he performed. While doing his job, he also provided entertainment for his customers which definitely is a plus point. While others weren’t impressed, half of the commenters expressed their amusement in what the street vendor did.

Watch the video below:

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