Raffy Tulfo, Sinaklolohan Ang Isang Mexicanang Ina Upang Mabawi Ang Kanyang Anak

Filipino PUV drivers are fond of listening to the radio show “Wanted sa Radyo.” Hosted by veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo and Niña Taduran, they try to help people solve their problems and issues. There are unusual cases which blew the minds of the audiences while some made them cry buckets of tears. Take for example the heartwarming story of a Mexican mother who longed for her daughter for 6 years.


Thousands were touched by her story and they were happy to see them reunite. Some even shared their experience of claiming the custody of their child.

According to Thabatta Viviana Lopez, she didn’t have the opportunity to bring her daughter back to Mexico with her. Her baby Ivy lived with her Filipino grandparents ever since she was little.

Sadly, her former partner, Liover Pascual hid the information of her daughter’s location. The only thing that the Mexican mom can do is to send money for her 6-year-old daughter. The two met while working in a cruise ship but sadly broke up in 2015. Today, Liover is working in Dubai while their daughter lives somewhere in Cabanatuan city.

After years of waiting, she finally got the custody of her child after peacefully talking to her former lover’s parents. They allowed her to bring Ivy to Mexico in exchange that she will provide a good life for the little girl. Thabatta can’t stop her tears as she tells her daughter how much she missed her and that she was excited to bring her home.

The Mexican mom emotionally thanked the show and the people who helped her retrieve her daughter. Netizens also expressed their happiness on the success of Thabatta’s case. Here in the Philippines, our law states that children ages 7 years and below are automatically be under the custody of their mother regardless of her citizenship.

Maantig ang inyong puso sa kanyang reklamo.

Maantig ang inyong puso sa kanyang reklamo. #raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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