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WATCH: The Tear Jerking Reunion of Father and Son after 30 Years of Separation

Most of us are very familiar with the Tulfo brothers and the deeds they’ve done to help bring justice and aid people who are in need. Nowadays, the trio still tries their best to continue what they have started.

Although their methods are a little too straight forward, they have gained unquestionable praises not only from the people they’ve helped but also to ones who have witnessed their deeds. One of the Tulfo brothers, Raffy Tulfo, has been running a TV show “Raffy Tulfo in action’. The show undoubtedly has helped so many people since it started. From serious complaints, stories of other people that we may not be aware of, to re-uniting of people who were torn apart.

Recently, the show has captured the hearts of its viewers when it featured the story of a man named Jimmy Gamboa. Jimmy Gamboa has been separated with his father for almost 30 years when his father was sent to the penitentiary.

Jimmy asked Raffy Tulfo to help him in reuniting with his father.

Raffy then responded to Jimmy’s request and made it possible by having contact with the authorities where Jimmy’s father was held in. And fortunately, they have been authorized in fulfilling Jimmy’s ambition to reunite with his father.

In their preparation, they have bought foods that will sweeten the reunion of the two and the police where his father was locked up prepared a surprise dance number that will entertain them.

The time has come for the reunion of Jimmy and his father. They were both very excited for the event they have longed ever since. When Raffy, Jimmy and the team arrived, the first who accompanied Jaime, Jimmy’s father was Raffy.

He even made a joke that their long awaited meeting will not be happening that day. But when Raffy asked the staff for the foods they bought, to console the dismayed father, he was all but shocked when the man who brought the foods hugged him so tight that for an instant he already knew.

His son that he missed so much was with him now! All burst down tears for what has happened. Maybe because of the reunion of the two, or more possibly because of the police dancing in front of them!

Watch the video below:

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