Dad creates mini-swimming pool in their backyard for his beloved daughter!

Parents can be amazing and heroic people who will do anything for their children.

Parents will try to move mountains and swim across oceans just to make their children happy and to ensure that everyone is well taken care of and has everything they might need in their daily lives. If something proves to be expensive, simply out of the budget, or outright impossible, some parents will still do their best and go to great lengths just to achieve it if they know that it will yield positive results.

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One example of a heroic parent is shown in a video of a dad that recently went viral.

In the video, the dad is seen to be creating a mini – swimming pool for his children using his bare hands. The dad created the pool from scratch in an open area in their backyard.

The dad began building the pool by piling and cementing some bricks until he reached his desired height. He then applied more cement to smoothen the pool and make is look cleaner.

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He also personalized the pool by adding a name using smaller stones and cement.

To blend in with the rest of their backyard, the dad added some fake grass and some flowers before finally painting the pool white on the outside and blue inside. He even added some perfectly cut pieces of wood to serve as the “steps” of the pool.

Once the pool was dry and ready, he poured water using a hose and then it was time to play!

The children seemed to enjoy the results of their father’s hard work as they can all be seen laughing and playing in the pool with plastic toys and inflatables. Even if the pool was a bit on the small side, the children still looked genuinely happy with the new addition to their home.

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The video did not only go viral, but it has received comments from people all over the world as well.

“This Dad is amazing. And the children love it. What is shocking is all the critism, negativity, and lets buy plastic commenting. Sadly some in our world have lost the capacity to love, be kind, work on building family, doing something of greater value. This family will have incredible times together and memories of real love, fun. Beautiful project and awesome family times.” one netizen said.

“What a great dad ! He will find a way to take care all needs to keep it safe and clean , what a good dad that love his family, the love of a dad that make his family happy !” another netizen said.

Many Facebook users admired the hard work of the dad and posted about it too.

“Wow he sure is talented ,loving ,kind person …..what a wonderful DAD he is .. the kids and wife must be so proud and happy

Watch the video below:

Swimming Pool For DAUGHTER 😲

Dad makes SWIMMING POOL for daughter in his garden 😲Credit: Ngọc Vũ Phạm –

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