Gretchen Barretto showcases singing voice at exclusive restaurant in Hong Kong

Last year, actress Gretchen Barretto revealed in one of her Instagram posts that her daughter Dominique Cojuangco with longtime partner Tonyboy Cojuangco possesses a remarkable singing voice. Well, it came to us as no surprise as the veteran actress herself is also gifted with an amazing voice.

Recently, Gretchen Barretto showcased her singing prowess while she and three of her elite friends were dining at an exclusive restaurant in Hong Kong.

Watching the videos that she shared on Instagram, there’s no denying that La Greta sounds like a pro as she sang Angela Bofill’s hit classic song “You Should Know by Now.”

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In case you’re not familiar with the song, its lyrics go like this.

” You ought to know by now love is the look in my eye. Lovin’ the way you smile when I say

‘I wish you would stay’. You bring out all the youth in me I laugh and cry out all the truth in me out of love. You should know by now. If I could just find the words I wouldn’t be left so lonely. I’m you’re my one and only and I’d show you how.”

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Meanwhile, in another video, Gretchen Barretto is seen walking and turning around in the restaurant while singing the same song. Funny as it may seem but she looks like she’s doing a music video.

But aside from her singing voice, some netizens have also noticed the luxurious items that she was wearing. Apart from her all-black outfit, expensive bag, and camouflage shoes, Gretchen Barretto also sported her golden pieces of jewelry.

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We can never really tell the exact reason behind these videos, we’re sure only Gretchen Barretto herself knows. But one thing’s for sure, La Greta seems to be suffering from “last song syndrome” as she can’t help from singing “You Should Know by Now” over and over again.

Watch the video below:

Source: Youtube

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