Watch This Spirit Doctor Liberate A Woman From Spirits!

Filmmakers especially those that specialize in the thriller genre, have always loved and pursued a good exorcism story. There have been several films where a character has been haunted by other worldly beings and in the quest for liberation seeked a powerful shaman, ghost whisperer, or a medium to drive the spirits away and in the effort to do so, ends up complicating the situation and making it worse.

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To sensationalize the films more, they would usually bill it as a true to life story and it works like selling pancakes, the viewers would of course flocked to the theaters. The prospect of watching something that has supposedly happened in the real life is a treat to pass off.

Through the years, a lot of films had been made. Some were box-office hits while the others were just another formula film with disappointing gross income.

Well now, read about an alleged exorcism story which actually happened in another country.

In a country such as Cuba where religion and belief in superstitions and spirits is still a big part of everyday life, it is not hard to spot a story that will make the hairs on your skin stand because of unbelievable and often gory topics and images that entails these stories.

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In the video uploaded in the internet, a woman seeked the help of a spirit doctor or what they locally call as Babalao to help her drive away the spirit that has been bothering her for quite some time.

As the video progresses, you will see that the Babalao made the woman sit and then chanted a few words, the girl suddenly felt uneasy and looked as if she’s been undergoing some pain. That’s when the Babalao opened the woman’s mouth and pulleed heaps of her from her intestines. The Babalao then put the hair in a big jar filled with water. It was both shocking and mind-boggling how incidents like these are able to happen.

According to sources, what the Babalao did was some sort of Afro-Cuban ritual to liberate the girl from other wordly beings that wanted to possess her body.

The video accumulated 10 million views and a lot of people cannot believe what just happened in the video. The others who believe in shaman and spirit realms are taken aback by how strong the Babalao is, while others who didn’t believe, dismissed it as a joke and a simple camera trick.

What do you think?

Watch the video below:

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