WATCH: Aljur Abrenica, Kylie Padilla share sweet moments with son on Instagram

Celebrity couple Aljur Abrenica and Kylie Padilla happily shared their sweet moments with their son, Alas Joaquin Abrenica.

On Instagram, the 25-year-old Kapuso actress posted a short clip that showed her cuddling her son and captioned it with “more like this please”.

She also posted a video of her husband playing with him and said: “Ngayon palang mahilig na sila mag laro na magkasama. Sasabog na po puso ko. Hay.”

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Recently, the celebrity couple celebrated their son’s first birthday party. As a matter of fact, she proudly shared the stills taken from her son’s birthday party.

Aside from revealing the zoo-inspired theme, Kylie Padilla also wrote a lengthy and heartfelt message to her son. In her statement, she described her son as “my love and my sweetheart, my heart, and my soul.”

She also considers her son as a blessing that gave meaning and purpose to her life.

“It has only been 1 year but it feels like a lifetime. It feels like everything that has happened in the past, happened in preparation for your arrival into our lives. You have carried so many blessings along with you. You bring light into all of our hearts. I am so grateful to be able to be your mom. You are so wonderful. An incredible little human being.”

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Although her son is too young to read it, she still gave her son words of wisdom, perhaps so he can read them when he is older.

“If I had one message for you it would be for you to follow your curiosity and never let fear stop you from exploring this world. To explore is to discover and to discover requires new levels of understanding and learning, may you have all of those.”

In the end, she expressed gratitude to her son, who gave meaning to her life.

“I will do my best to help you, guide you teach you as you in return teach me and your dad. Thank you for giving me hope and thank you for healing all my scars. Thank you for putting smiles on my face. Thank for being our little bundle of joy. And thank you for being the friend, the family, the life I prayed so long for. Your papa and I love you so much.”

Watch the video below:

More like this please. ✨

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Ngaun palang mahilig na sila mag laro na magkasama. Sasabog na po puso ko. Hay.

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