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A Japanese citizen left homeless in the Philippines now seeks for help

A concerned netizen, Mitch Adachi, reposted a viral Facebook post about a Japanese citizen found living in the streets of Roxas Boulevard. The homeless Japanese was found by two women who was responsible for the original post on a Facebook page named “Tinker Belle”. Through his passport, the homeless Japanese was identified as Yasushi Yoshino, 52 years old.

Yasushi was living in a convenience store parking lot along Roxas Boulevard next to where the Japanese Embassy is located. Mitch Adachi, the woman who reposted the post was a Filipino-Japanese citizen reaching out to her fellow Japanese to help find Yasushi’s family in Japan.

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The women who approached Yasushi remained unidentified. In their first video of him, they gave him coffee and food while they were asking him questions. When they asked him, he told them that he had no place to go and that his family had already left him. This was the time they asked if he had any means of identification and saw his passport. After talking to Yasushi, they took videos and photos of him and posted them on Facebook hoping it would help find his family.

When Yasushi was offered by one of the women to pay for his ticket back to Japan he seemed hesitant. The women who found him went to check on him daily for three days before they finally called medical assistance. According to a follow-up post, Yasushi was persistent in staying in his place but was carried by a team of rescuers to an ambulance.

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It is unclear why Yasushi didn’t want to go back to Japan and was hesitant to leave his spot. The netizens, however, are continuing to help him find his family and his way back home.

This is another example of how humanity should be. It’s also an example on how we should use social media and technology for good instead of bad.

Watch the video below:

Posted by Mitch Adachi on Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Source: Facebook

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