Xander Ford Experienced Breakdown After Criticisms

The lives of the celebrities in the Philippine showbiz industry are considered open books. Actors and actresses are expected to update their fans about what is currently happening in their lives. Some fans feel entitled that they should have the right to know the itsy bitsy details of their favorite celebrities. And this makes all the things count for them.

What’s good about this is the fact that fans recognize every little achievement that their fandom could be proud of. all the awards, all the glitz and glamour are recognizable. Fans and fandoms are always part of their success. They will support their favorite actor or actress as long as they can.

But of course, if glamour can be noticed, so does darkness and criticisms. Fans are good at loving a celebrity but very unforgivable towards the celebrities they hate. They will bash and they will say negative comments until a celebrity feel he or she is already worthless. This is what makes being in the showbiz a bit depressing and for some, a lot painful. The criticisms are just too much to handle.

One of the celebrities who already broke down is Xander Ford, formerly known as Marlou Arizala. Xander rose to fame after his much awaited plastic surgery transformation. Many netizens seemed to expect so much of him. While some of his fans are happy about his transformation, all his haters could do is bash him until he no longer felt the soul in him.

A video where Xander was crying surfaced online. It was reported to be taken by his friend while he seemed to be painfully grieving because of the negative comments the people are saying to him. They are not valuing his personality because people are too focus on his physical appearance.

Watch Xander’s video while he was crying:

Source: Youtube

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