This Man Did Not Expect That He Will Be Ran Over By The Guy Who Allegedly Damaged His Car

When we are emotional, we forget to think of the things we will be doing. The more we use our hearts to feel the things happening around us, the more we forget to use our brains to think more critically. This is everyone’s tendency. We sometimes forget the impact of what we will say to a person when we are sad, lonely, happy or even angry.


It is very hard to control a person’s anger. An angry person will forget to think of other’s feelings because he is invested in his own emotions. There are others who have problems managing their temper and anger. It is very hard to deal with this kind of people because they will say or do whatever without further thinking of the possible result.

We will usually be able to meet people with anger management problems on road rages. If we happen to damage their cars, they will never get away with their ego and they will not definitely talk calmly. They will release the Kraken inside of them and no one will be able to stop them.

A viral video showing a road rage in India recently caught the attention of many netizens. This is because no one expected how would this road rage end up. The footage was recorded along the streets of College, Calcutta India.

The guy wearing a black shirt and pants can be seen full of anger as he repeatedly slammed the car of the guy who allegedly damaged his own car. The guy in the black shirt is so brave that he encouraged the guy inside the car to go outside his vehicle. He was smacking the hood to provoke the driver. He also continued yelling as if he is losing more of himself as the time pass by. In fact, a pretty lady approached him and tried to stop the altercation but to no avail.

Still receiving no response, the angry man ripped off the driver’s windscreen wiper. He also tried to life his car while yelling repeatedly. But nobody expected what happened next.

As the guy in the black tried to approach the driver directly by going to his door, it seemed the driver lost his temper as well. But instead of showing himself, he ran over the angry guy and rapidly flew out of the scene.

According to witnesses, the guy in the black was enraged because the driver refused to pay for the damage he made on his car.

Watch the footage below:

 Source: Unilad

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