You have to see this James Reid look-alike

People say everyone is unique in their own way. Although, there are times we can be identical to someone else when it comes to our likes, attitude and more so, our physical appearance. This is the main reason why we really get wide-eyed once we see “doppelgangers.” It is really unbelievable to think that two unrelated people could look the same.

Things get more exciting if we get to see someone who happens to have an uncanny resemblance with a famous celebrity.


This time people cannot stop fussing over photos of a young-looking James Reid which has gone viral. If you think these were throwback photos from his teenage years, then try to look again. Lo and behold, the internet has just discovered the “mini me” of James.

This little “doppelganger” was identified as a student named Bennizel Masaud. From the circulating images, we can assume that he was just having good conversation with a man when the photo was taken. Once you look closer, even his laugh appears very similar to the way the Kapamilya star grins.

You can also check out the close-up side shot of his admirable side view. If not fully convinced yet, the front view of his face will tell you that he is definitely the young version of the actor.

His thick eyebrows, his mesmerizing eyes and facial features totally screamed James. No wonder the two could pass as siblings.

Netizens were amazed with Bennizel’s face. Who would have thought that that there could be someone as handsome as James in this world, right? After passing the strict judgment of the people, they have approved and are giving their thumbs up to the kid.


It seems like the young man is really lucky to have that gorgeous face. Since people love the real James Reid, they are now starting to adore this little James too.


Source: Facebook

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