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A possible new romance for Zanjoe Marudo

Now that the public couldn’t stop talking about Bea Alonzo and Zanjoe Marudo’s surprising reunion on “Kusina Kings” recent movie premiere, it feels only right to give back the spotlight to the actor’s rumored newfound love: Jodie Prendergast.

Not that it’s a competition between the actress and the half-Pinay, half-Scottish blogger and surfer. After all, it’s been two years since Bea and Zanjoe called it quits, and the former couple seemed to have moved forward already (hence the exchange of friendly gestures between the two during the red carpet).

Which, again, brings us to Jodie. Back in May, rumors began to link the two after Zanjoe flew to Siargao with a few friends to reportedly celebrate the surfer’s birthday.

Though the alleged love birds weren’t documented together, fans and followers began to suspect that Zanjoe was, indeed, there for Jodie, and assumed it to be an interesting case for the actor’s love life.

Speculations intensified when Jodie turned to her Instagram Stories to share a photo of herself with Zanjoe for the very first time.

To make things more intriguing, the Pinay-Scottish beauty placed a small, sunflower emoji on top. Now, according to Flower Meaning site, this can either mean a symbol of a “platonic love towards a friend”, or “loyalty and strong bonds between two people, as represented by the flower’s strong and upright stem”.

In short, friendship or, possibly, romantic love.

Though we’re praying to the heavens that it’s the latter choice, we still have to wait for Jodie and Zanjoe’s confirmation – or if there even is something to confirm to begin with. At the moment, what matters is that all three parties are at peace with their lives – Bea with her thriving career, Jodie with her water adventures, and Zanjoe with, well, this possible new romance.

Source: Pinoynewsfeed

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