Diego Loyzaga: “Sofia has a boyfriend, Chelsea is my friend”

Diego Loyzaga caused a lot of confusion after posting a photo on Instagram. What’s the big deal, you ask? The photo featured Diego with a lady that wasn’t his onscreen partner, Sofia Andres.

Since both actors were linked to each other as love team partners, everyone was assuming that they are dating. In an interesting turn of events, Diego Loyzaga clarified that they aren’t.

via: Instagram
via: Instagram

In the photo, Diego was seen wrapping his hands around a lady’s shoulder. He captioned it with: “Since ’11.”

It appears that the lady is his friend, Chelsea Ronquillo, and the caption refers to how long they’ve been buddies.

A lot of netizens criticized Diego for the photo, saying he was cheating on Sofia Andres. This prompted the actor to spill the real score between him and his onscreen partner.

via: Instagram

The conversation went like this:

Diego: “Sofia has a boyfriend. Chelsea is my friend.”

Netizen: “I see. Hahaha so I guess single ka pa din?”

Diego: “Yup! Want me to tag him?”

One netizen claimed that Diego Loyzaga was hurting because of his love team partner’s choice in a new beau.

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“Does this mean you’re still hurting because Sofia has a new boyfriend? I wish you guys happiness but I understand if it’s not going to be you and her anymore but don’t drag her boyfriend along, I’m not sure but I think he’s not in showbiz.”

via: Instagram
via: Instagram

However, Diego answered by saying that was not the case.

“Nope. I’m happy for her. And no. We’re not a loveteam. Yeah you didn’t get my comment. Sofia and I are not together. Pls don’t think we are. Baka may magalit :)”

Some netizens couldn’t let it go, however, with one insisting that Diego and Sofia were together.

via: Instagram

“All this time. Akala ko si sofia. Hehe keri lang! Basta kung san ka masya diegs! deigoloyzaga”

Diego had enough and snapped, “Damn how many times do i have to say this. Sofia has a boyfriend. Quit commenting her name on my Ig. We both have separate lives.”

via: Instagram

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