20 celebrities who shut down their bashers

In every celebrity appearance or post, their respective naysayers always have something to say. Here are 20 moments when celebrities decided to shut down their bashers.

1. Alex Gonzaga

Alex made a funny response towards a twitter basher who said, “I don’t like Alex Gonzaga.” And added that the actress is “annoying”. Alex then retweeted the bashers’ tweet with a comment saying, “Me too, I don’t like her!”

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2. Anne Curtis

Ever since Anne discovered the world of K-drama, she has been hooked! However, bashers have been telling calling her ‘baduy,’ ‘OA’, and ‘annoying’ for it. Anne responded with an fierce message saying that her fangirling won’t end soon so her followers who hate her for her it better start unfollowing her instead.

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3. Bianca Gonzales

Bianca has been hit over and over again with nasty comments about her Morena skin, but when social media users dragged her daughter into the picture, she immediately shut them down. She said, “Negra talaga, Pinay and proud like her momma! May problema ka dun?”

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4. Enchong Dee

By far, Enchong’s comeback has to be the funniest of all. One basher tweeted saying “No one cares about Enchong”. Enchong then took the liberty to retweet the post with a comment saying, “Ikaw na importante.” Hilarious, isn’t it?

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5. Jessy Mendiola

Jessy is a veteran when it comes to spiteful comments in social media. One time, she did not shy away from responding to a comment saying that she is a “trying hard artist”. She said that she is indeed trying hard to be a better artist and model, then asked the basher to also try harder to be nice.

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6. Kathryn Bernardo

Kathryn has also faced numerous hate towards her, including rumors of her going under the knife or receiving Botox injections. In a Preview video of her reading mean tweets, she stumbled upon one tweet that accused her of having jaw enhancement injections. But the bashers tweet was riddled with a spelling mistake, typing injection as “indection”. Kathryn responded, “before bashing, make sure you have the right spelling first. Hindi ako nagpapa-injection promise.”

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7. Maja Salvador

Maja Salvador who is known for her dance moves and fierce Ivy Aguas portrayal replied to a basher who said that Maja is “nakakairitang pakinggan”. The actress replied, “So ‘wag ka manuod ng ASAP, hindi ikababawas ng ratings ‘yon.”

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8. Ina Raymundo

Ina is undeniably one of the hottest mothers in the industry. But that did not stop a basher from saying mean things to her. The basher commented on Ina’s photo saying she should consult Belo because her underarms look dark. Ina then dared the basher to also show her underarm and said, “hiyang-hiya naman ako.”

via: ABS-CBN

9. Liza Soberano

Even the gorgeous Liza Soberano cannot escape the haters. One netizen called her out for not being able to attend Enrique’s premiere night. Liza then responded that she cannot attend because of a prior commitment.

via: ABS-CBN

10. Luis Manzano

Together with her girlfriend, Jessy, Luis has had his fair share of online hate. On one instance, after being named as the Male TV Host of the year, one netizen said that his win was “luto”. Luis did not appreciate the comment and replied, “ang ‘luto’ yung pinagisang ulo at katawan mo… Tapusin ko lang kelangan gawin today, tulungan ko sambayanan hanapin leeg mo.”

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11. Nadine Lustre

Nadine had a feud with her Twitter followers who made an issue about her boyfriend James Reid and her best friend having an affair. She warned them not to drag her best friend to any issues. “Judge me all you want, but talk shxt about my friends… I’ll shut you all down.”

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12. Pia Wurtzbach

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach was criticized for not posting photos in connection to her humanitarian missions. One netizen said, “nagmodel ng model wala manlang post about humanitarian mission.” Pia then replied, “bukas nasa UN ako. Ikaw?”

via: ABS-CBN

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13. Vice Ganda

After being invited as a guest judge in ‘I love OPM’ one basher tweeted against Vice’s presence as a judge. In the tweet it said, “hindi pa rin ma-process ng utak ko kung bakit si Vice yung guess ngaun”. Vice ridiculed the basher for misspelling “guest” and said, “I guess ‘GUEST’ ang ibig mong sabihin. Muka ngang hindi nagprocess utak mo!”

via: ABS-CBN

14. Zanjoe Marudo

In his guesting on Isabelle Daza’s online video, Zanjoe had to read mean tweets. One of them said that Zanjoe doesn’t look like an ‘artista’ to which Zanjoe responded, “Sa’n ka nakakita no’n? Artista na hindi mukhang artista. Ako lang ‘yon.”

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15. Angel Locsin

One basher commented on Angels’ IG that she lacked creativity on her posts and that she is “boring”. Angel replied, “So? Paki mo?”

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16. Angelica Panganiban

On one instance a basher asked Angelica, “bakit ang pangit niyo po?” Angelica replied, that as a matter of fact, she is “nanghihinayang” because she could’ve looked even uglier if she looked like the basher.

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17. Angelica Panganiban

Another time Angelica responded to a basher was when a hater said, “what masyadong pahalata na hindi na masaya sa buhay.” Angelica replied to the basher’s comment but the basher no longer replied. Angelica then said, “nawal wifi sa kapitbahay?”

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18. Toni Gonzaga

One netizen commented on Toni’s physique saying that she’s too thin. Toni’s, annoyed by the bashers unsolicited remark, said, “Ikaw na!”

via: ABS-CBN

19. Julia Baretto

After the issue between Julia and Joshua sparked the netizens’ interest, nasty comments soon filled the internet. One of them caught Julia’s attention, then she told the basher that no one knows JoshLia more than her.

via: ABS-CBN

20. Cristine Reyes

Also guesting on Isabelle Daza’s video, Cristine read a tweet that sayS her eyebags were too puffy and that she is “haggard”. Cristine said that it was because she is “hardworking” and then asked the basher, “Ikaw? Puyat lang sa internet?”.

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