Two days before wedding Billy Crawford, Coleen Garcia forgot to buy rings

Planning a wedding is exciting and meaningful for most couples but it could also be stressful. Two days before they finally say “I do”, celebrity couple Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia seems to be in panic mode upon realizing that they forgot something important for their upcoming wedding.

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Billy revealed through a series of posts on his Instagram stories that he and Coleen forgot to buy their wedding rings.

Via: instagram

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He wrote:

“So, we’re all set, everything’s ready for the big day. But we forgot one thing: to buy the rings.”

He then tagged his soon-to-be-wife saying,

“As you said, we are so bad at this, Coleen!”

Via: instagram

On the previous report of PEP, the couple admitted that they found planning for their wedding stressful. That is the main reason why they opted to surrender everything to their wedding planners and organizers.

“Kasi kung ako mismo yung magde-decide, baka naman hindi maganda or I don’t know,” she said.

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However, she added that there are some details that they personally suggested.

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“We want our personal touch here and there, and it’s easy naman. Never naging problema yung mga gusto namin and naitatawid din naman yung mga gusto namin.”

Coleen shared that they really had a hard time finalizing their guest list.

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“So yung guest list, yung invitations, and who can come, and trying to make a way for those who aren’t able to come but want to, so yun yung pinaka-main source of our worries namin.”

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According to her, the fact that they are both in the showbiz industry made it worse because as much as they want to invite a lot of visitors, they have no choice but to exclude people to achieve their dream intimate beach wedding.

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Coleen and Billy will finally tie the knot in the luxurious Balesin Island Club today.

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What can you say about this? Do you also have the same experience as Billy and Coleen? What is your wedding message for the couple? Share your thoughts, reactions, and opinions in the comments section below!

Source: PEP

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