How these 20 people survived after getting lost at sea

Most of us love the sea. It is the perfect recluse for those seeking some peace and quiet. However, serene waters aren’t always that friendly. Take it from these 20 people who, by some unfortunate string of events, got lost at sea.

Imagine getting lost at sea, with no one else in sight, and with little to no supplies to get you going. Do you think you have what it takes to survive? Well, these people impressively did:

1. Louis Jordan

– Louis spent a whopping 66 days getting lost at sea after his fishing boat capsized. He used his clothes as fishing line to make it.

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2. Louis Zamperini

– Another Louis survived by subsisting on birds and rainwater after their Air Force plane was shot down over the Pacific.

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3. Samu Perez, Filo Filo, and Edward Nasa

-Their families have already held a funeral for these Samoan teens, but they fortunately survived after 50 long days stuck at sea.

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4. Harrison Okene

– It might be a bit embarrassing but still overwhelmingly fortunate that Okene was in the restroom when their boat capsized. He was the lone survivor by being trapped in an air pocket!

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5. Matthew Bryce

– The 22-year-old surfer held on to his board, allowing him to survive 32 hours with nothing but hypothermia.

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6. Steve Callahan

– Steve survived a staggering 76 days alone at sea after a whale struck his explorator in the Atlantic.

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7. William and Simone Butle

– Numerous whale attacks were not able to eradicate this gritty couple, who had sense enough to grab a fishing rod and a water purifier from their boat before it capsized.

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8. Two Burmese fishermen

– By using a tiny cooler container as a lifeboat, these fishermen lasted 25 days, outlasting starvation and even a couple of shark threats.

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9. Jose Salvador Alvarenga

– Up to this day, Alvarenga denies subsisting on his shipmate’s body. Still, no other explanation comes close as to how he survived a total of 14 months lost at sea.

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10. Ron Ingraham

– Despite his age, Ron lasted 12 whole days stuck in sea.

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11. Terry Jo Duperrault

– This boy’s 3 days at sea might not be as impressive as the others on this list, but it sure becomes noteworthy when one considers that he’s just 11 — the lone survivor after the ship captain murdered the rest of his family.

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12. Adrian Vasquez

– The guy powered through 22 days and the deaths of his two companions.

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13. Hiromitsu Shinkawa

– The 60-year-old managed to stay alive for two long days by using his former roof as a raft.

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14. Salvador Ordonez, Jesus Vidana, and Lucio Rendon

– The three Mexicans managed to survive 9 months at sea!

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15. Poon Lim

– Sunk by a Nazi boat, this British merchant ship’s only survivor managed to stay alive before rescue came on the 123rd day.

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16. Lapahele Sopi and Telea Paa

– These Samoans subsisted on fish and rainwater. Unfortunately, their two companions died of hunger and thirst.

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17. Maurice and Maralyn Bailey

– The couple lasted 117 days of inclement weather conditions, shark attacks, and malnutrition, and still lived to tell the tale.

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18. Dougal Robertson

– Dougal and company survived for 38 days after their vessel was wrecked by a pack of aggressive killer whales.

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19. John Glennie, Rick Hellriegel, Jim Nalepka, and Phil Hofman

– It took 118 days before the group was rescued.

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20. Nathan Carman

– Nathan spent a week lost at sea, grieving the death of his mother, who didn’t survive.

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Isn’t it incredible how they managed to survive? If you ever get lost at sea, how would you survive? How long do you reckon you’d manage to stay alive? Tell us in the comments section below!

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