Lake Michigan has become so clear shipwrecks are visible from planes

Have you always been curious about shipwrecks? Maybe you grew up watching The Little Mermaid and you wished for a shipwreck of your own where you could sulk and rant about your parents? Maybe you watched a documentary about sunken ships in bodies of water like Lake Michigan and started to wonder what treasures you could find in one?

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If yes, it might interest you to visit Lake Michigan right now. The waters have become so impeccably clear that you don’t actually have to dive deep to observe some of the shipwrecks hidden beneath the surface.

With how clear the waters are in Lake Michigan right now, you won’t even have to get your toes wet! The shipwrecks are actually observable from planes flying over the lake!

via: Siptalk
via: Siptalk

For closer observation, one only needs basic snorkeling gear, as some of the shipwrecks aren’t even seated that deeply. These ships sunk sometime between the 1800s and the 1900s — just imagine how much history is contained in these vessels!

You might be wondering why the sudden visibility of these shipwrecks that have been sitting on the bottom of the lake for centuries. Well, they’re usually blocked from our view by murky water, but the recent ice melt diffused the sediment and algae blooms enough to make the waters clear.

via: Siptalk
via: Siptalk

Now that the ice has melted, we are treated to a pristine view of the clear waters. The good thing about the shipwrecks being concealed for so long is that the vessels ended up being well-preserved.

Fortunately, the vessels are protected under Michigan Law, so enthusiasts are sure to be able to enjoy the beauty and history, for as long as they approach with respect and caution.

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What can you say? Given the chance, would you go visit Lake Michigan for a closer look at these shipwrecks? Why/why not? Let us know in the comments section below!


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