This Man Has Been Wearing A Scarf On His Head For 50 Years. When He Took It Off, People Were Blown Away By What They Saw!

It’s no secret that each and every one of us has our own way of styling ourselves. Some of us use different accessories that would match their outfits while others are simply using different pieces of jewelry and bangles to look presentable when they are facing other people.

Aside from jewelry, some people also use scarfs not just as a part of their fashion style but also as a protection against excessive heat. But then, there’s this man from Vietnam who uses his scarf int eh most unusual way. He’s not using his scarf to protect him from the sun or as a part of his fashion, but rather to hide something huge on his head.


An old man named Tran Van Hay has been hiding something huge inside the scarf on his head. He had his head all covered up for 50 years but it’s quite unusual since he’s not using the scarf for fashion, but rather to hide something huge from everyone.

Despite that it’s pretty obvious that he’s hiding something under his scarf, people still had no idea what’s under his huge scarf.

After 5 decades, Tran Van Hay finally removed his scarf and revealed what he’s been hiding all along!

It turns out that he’s been hiding a 22-foot dreadlock that weighed over 23, pounds! A lot of people were intrigued by what they saw, especially when the old man started telling the story behind his hair.

He stated that he was 25 years old when he had a traumatic experience after he visited a barbershop. According to him, he became sick after he had a haircut and so he decided to stop getting a haircut at the age of 25.

Since he stopped getting a haircut, he just let his hair grow longer and longer until his head can no longer hold it. When he avoided getting a haircut, he thought that he’d have to keep his hair so that he won’t step on it.

He, later on, explained that he’s using his scarf t gather all of his hair because of he doesn’t do it, his hair would be all over the floor!

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