Netizens Send Condolences to Nadine Lustre and Family

Nadine Lustre’s teenage brother, Isaiah Lustre, reportedly took his own life recently. A female netizen allegedly confirmed that Nadine’s 16-year-old brother was found dead in his own room.

Reports said that Ezekiel and Naomi, Nadine’s other siblings, heard a gunshot emanate from Isaiah’s room. After hearing the gunshot, they rushed to Isaiah’s room and discovered that the teenage boy shot himself to death.

According to the netizen’s Facebook post, Nadine had no idea about the unfortunate incident at first as she was not at home. Her father then contacted James to inform her.

“Walang alam si Nadz nung kasagsagan ng pangyayari. Si Tito Dong ang kumontak kay James. Then ayon sinabi ni James na “Something happened, we need to go home.” Shocked si Nadz kasi sa hospital yung way na pinuntahan nila. Dead on arrival na si Ice eh. Si Tita My, nag-breakdown. Si Nadz, sigaw nang sigaw habang umiiyak tapos nag-collapse,” the netizen narrated.

“Nakakalungkot isipin na wala na ang kapatid ni Nadine na si Isaiah lustre, isa ako sa masugid na taga-subaysabay sa mga accounts niya dito sa social media. Di maalintana na may pinagdadaanang depresyon sa kanyang mukha sapagkat makikita mo sa kanya ang kasiyahang taglay. Walang bakas ng lungkot o depresyon,” the netizen continued.

Netizens were baffled by this tragic incident, asking why it was not revealed in the news. Ulysses Lustre, the Lustre patriarch, and the Viva Artists Agency also refused to provide a statement in regards to this supposed tragedy.

Nadine and James then posted cryptic messages on Instagram. The on and off-screen lovers shared a photo of a semi-colon with the text “#KeepGoing.” The semi-colon symbolizes suicide awareness.

Another post by Nadine included lyrics from Coldplay’s “Everglow.” It read: “But the changing of the winds, and the way waters flow life as short as the falling of snow and now I’m gonna miss you I know.”

She added: “You are stronger than depression.”

Netizens shared their condolences to the Lustre family. Read what they had to say below.

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Source: TNP

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