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Check out How Much Weight Former “StarStruck” Finalist Kevin Santos Has Lost

Do you remember Kevin Santos, the once chubby finalist of “StarStruck” in 2004? He was the same batch as Ryza Cenon and Mike Tan, who both won as “Ultimate Survivors” in the season.

Kevin, meanwhile, was unfortunately eliminated. But that doesn’t mean that he didn’t bag opportunities.

In fact, he appeared in lots of television series on the GMA Network after. Kevin played roles in “My Only Love,” “Dyesebel,” “Show Me Da Manny,” “Darna,” “My Beloved,” “The Borrowed Wife,” and “Meant to Be,” among others.

He also had appearances in films such as “My Kontrabida Girl,” “Basement,” “So It’s You,” and “Dilim.”

Run a cursory Google search on him and you will see that he used to be on the heavy side.

Now, according to GMA Entertainment, he has been shedding lots of unwanted weight.

This was him before:

The source stated that he used to weigh around 270 pounds in that picture.

When Kevin appeared in “Yagit” in 2014, he weighed 250 pounds. See the difference here:

Eventually, he really started to lose weight. This is him at 235 pounds:

This one showed him in 225 pounds – it just keeps getting lower!

And at 215 pounds:

By 2017, he has shed 70 pounds within five years.

The former “StarStruck” finalist was quoted from his Instagram post:
“After 5 years nag-200 pounds ulit ako. 30 [lbs] more then kain na ng normal ulit. Sa wakas hindi na mamumula at mag pipigil ng hinga pag nag sisintas ng sapatos.”

Look at him:

What’s his secret? We don’t know. But perhaps it’s a mix of a healthy diet and a bunch of physical workouts?

In fact, another famous personality told him to keep up the good work. Matthias Rhoads encouraged Kevin to continue his excellent weight loss.

Just check out Matthias’ own body built below:

What do you think about Kevin’s transformation? Do you like it? Do you want to lose weight as well?

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Source: GMA

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